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The Technological Thriller
Auckland > 01

Simple premise that we have seen in this competition and elsewhere before. I understood the story, but others in my row didn't get it which seemed to come down to the VFX not quite holding up for what was required in this sort of story. I hope you guys spend some time finishing off the effects before uploading, it could be really cool if the arms and the TV show are fixed up.


Familiar premise with a nice build up of tension. Vfx a bit off in places but cool effect non the less.

I guess it's inevitable that this genre would throw up some Black Mirror homages. This built tension quite well, with a simple and well-executed story. The ending didn't work for me, but a worthy effort with good special effects.

My second-favourite of the heat - a well executed homage to the Black Mirror style which, while familiar, allows you to utilise audience familiarity with the genre to get to your story.

This film had some nice (if not original) ideas, however the film felt like a bit of a meander to the climax that I felt was telegraphed pretty hard from the moment you saw number on arms. The performances were decent and the effects were sufficient but the edit did not make the film feel compelling. It did not 'thrill', so to speak. If there had been another potential victim that was decided on the final number, that would have added some tension, but as it is it just felt tired, which is a shame.