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Bad Seed
Wellington > 1

Good little technique of kicking off with a shot that is confusing to the audience which we then come to understand at the climax of the film; who is this guy....and what is on his face?
Nice photography included a nice montage of nice Wellington spots.

Very simple and familiar trope used here, person spends time with an object etc that they treat like a human etc... especially played out with the montage sequence. However, it suddenly came alive as a film once it smashed cut into the evil Banana sequence. Was a brillIant change up... got a great reaction. However it did drag a touch at this stage with me expecting more escalating badness that never eventuated. Great effort overall!


Totally appreciated the way you tried to switch up the genre in a unique way, and there was some great comedy throughout too! I think the final sequence could have been stronger, I think by that point you kind of expect him to get fired, so doing it in a way that either subverted that, or in a way that was surprising, might have been interesting!