Killer Nazi Zombies from Outer Space

Average: 4.1 (3 votes)
Hamilton > 4

I had pretty high expectations after reading this one's title and it did not disappoint: total trash from start to finish.
The plot's as thin as you'd expect but the team really relish the opportunities the Z-grade genre affords them: sick combat rolls, concealed clipboards, buxom badasses, UFO SFX courtesy of the warehouse stationery, an appropriately-moustachioed villain and the absolute BEST zoom in the Hamilton heats milked to perfection.
Great romp, probably the only film that was close to getting a standing ovation before the title card had finished.


This was what I'd been hoping for ever since I saw that Z grade was a genre.
It was over the top, low budget, and totally hilarious.

Awesome work!

I loved this film and it fitted its genre perfectly. If it was rough it looked like it was by design, and had a great central idea.