The Hummus Effect

by Odd

Average: 3.4 (3 votes)
Hamilton > 3

aka "The Hangover"
extremely slick short, looks excellent. Great photography throughout and the lighting in the bedroom scene was excellent.
Very good 'psychological' concept - fantastic visual metaphors for the progressing stages of the protagonist's hangover.
Some of the jokes went over my head though :(

Visually this was awesome! The smash cut into a desert scene was amazing. Best smash cut I saw.
I was not entirely sure on the over all cohesiveness of the story but was a brilliant effort.

Someone on this team has a great eye for a good shot and it showed through as in previous years. Storyline was less remarkable though, and when you have one element so strong it can really show up what everybody else would get away with. I didn't like it; but I know that's not fair and I think it's probably because they're nearly really good.