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Hamilton > 3

Such a good film! Love the party scene, the bathroom scene, and the scene with the creepy gate closing sound!
I love they way you guys snuck in the Wilhelm scream in the elevator!
Watch the edge of the matte box though, as in the chase scene you could see the edges of it.
Great job and keep writing, shooting and editing!

Sick acting and lighting

Awesome short movie

Kept you riveted

An excellent film!


Well done! Loved the bathroom scene!!

Not impressed with the sportsmanship of this team.

Came on to check tonight's reviews and saw a whole collection of accounts made a few hours ago just to give this film high star ratings. Believe me when I tell you that the irony is not lost on me that I had to create a new account just to voice my concerns here but I digress.

In the future if you're going to vote, at the very least be considerate to your contemporaries and review their films too.

A girl is haunted by a bad decision after a party.
Good to see a team putting their best foot forward and opening with a backflip. The party scene was convincing - great lighting and editing there.
I found the start difficult to follow but it became clear what was happening soon enough.
I wrote "weird music" down but now I can't remember what that refers to - maybe you do.


Baaaaad sportsmanship