BFF Best Friends Fallout

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At Night
Hamilton > 2

A obviously amateur film but probably my favorite in this heat. I liked the story, the female character stealing her flatmates food (amusing and something everyone in the audience can relate to) and then being kicked out and made to sleep under the bridge. The two characters reactions throughout the film was hilarious and they had the best use of collision in their heat. Please upload it on the website!

Something really charming about this one. A fairly simple story of tension between besties/flatmates that just clicked with me. Definitely rough around the edges but there were a few good gags (the evicted character ending up under the bridge, for one). What really got me though was the collision with the kitchen doorframe: an inexplicable mix of throwaway "let's just get this requirement out of the way" combined with extremely deliberate acting and framing... I can't explain it but it was delightful - one of the best moments of the night.
Also I hope you guys didn't drink really drink that milk that expired August 21st.