Terms of Engagement

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Hamilton > 2

Lots of action, and a classic gag at the end. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I really liked the action, thought it was choreographed well. The twist at the end seemed a bit weird but overall I did enjoy this film and wasn't waiting for it to end.

Really slick action here: well-choreographed fisticuffs mixed with great gunplay effects and vehicular carnage. The sound effects were so crunchy and added to the visceral fights. Even the Wilhelm scream didn't even seem that out of place here. Overall a very well-produced short.
The ending was... bizarre, but whatever, I'll go with it.
And same as last year, you guys get an extra star for the intro. A shame that practically no teams in Heat 1 or 2 made an effort with what are often the highlight of the night!

James Jill

Great film guys!