Area 4130

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Gisborne > 2

Conceptually the best film I saw today. As always good acting by Morgan, the eyes shot at the end was hella creepy.

Another awesome film from these extremely talented students. Acting, choice of shots and use of special effects makeup make for an intense film.

AMAZING film! The story, the camerawork, everything! EXCEPTIONAL work for 48 hours y'all!!! Only thing I'd say is maybe shooting darkish scenes during the day then color grading them to be at night? Reduces camera grain :)


I loved this dark and scary film. Was atmospheric and moody. I loved it. My favourite is still your film from 2016 (your film from 2016 has more heart and character development than the time travel/one room National Auckland winner IMO). But each and every year this team is getting better and better, and I'm looking forward to seeing what great film you make in 2018.