Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever

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Two men. One song. Best friends. There's going to be trouble. Ren and Zinger are best friends from childhood whose dream is to be the greatest band of all time. However, one thing stands in their way to superstardom - Ren's new girlfriend. Can Ren and Zinger's friendship survive this new obstacle? Find out when you see Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever, shown for the first time at the Gisborne 48hour heats, and again at the Gisborne City Final on the 29th September at the Dome Cinema.

I couldn't decide between who I liked better between Ren and Zinger, so I'm going #TeamRen because Ren hooked his friend up.


Love this Movie

Zinger's goooood #teamzinger

Hmmmmm. Something about this film felt quite a bit different from previous Cowps Films...... The quality...... like editing and transitions weren't quite up to par with last year and the year before. But alas, screw the technical aspects. I did crack up at this film and did enjoy it. According to my fellow teammate Georgina who went to the City Finals, she was disappointed that this film did not win as she said the Kelvin film was too strange (Haven't seen Kelvin as of this writing) Both dudes had good chemistry together. The guy with the beard in my opinion was fantastic. Even the way they interacted with one another seemed genuinely something bros would do. The creepy part when his mate came home late actually really sold me on his character. Out of all the Gizzy 48 films I saw this year this one certainly was the quirkiest. To you Michael Hollis, cause I know you read these, Jigga start making them webseries. To me this film felt like a pilot to a NZ series something Maori Television would fund. Like start doing sketches bro and putting them up on Youtube!!!!

LOVED this film. Was probably my personal favourite out of all them! Definitely deserved the second place, in fact probably deserved more!

Another solid effort from Cowps Productions. Great chemistry between the two leads and great music as always. Technically this is a very safe film, standard shots and locations. There are more advanced teams coming through the region and I want to see Cowps up their game next year and not fade into the background of this competition.