Trust Me


Average: 3.1 (3 votes)
Christchurch > 7

Cant wait for the return of my new favorite drama show :)
Seriously i really enjoyed it and it can definitely be expanded on to make an even more engaging story.
Well done guys!

Ngā mihi


A troubled young man asks for only one thing from his family - to trust him.

This had a lot going for it. A serious story and some honest acting, in particular at the end as I thought the mum was great. A couple of technical issues but I thought in general a consistent tone was achieved. Nice job.

Wow, what a way to end the heats. Seriously well acted dramatic stuff.

The story wasn’t super clear, but the strength of the peformaces more than holds the film up.

For next year work on camera (especially focus) and audio, get a tripod and lock off your shots.