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Christchurch > 7

A class of junior scientists sing & dance their class to liven it up.

One big song and dance this film probably contained the best song & dance routine seen in CHCH this year. Unfortunately, that was all this film was - one sequence impressively choreographed and coordinated. Something different from Upshot this year - well done!


I honestly reckon if you guys were given musical/dance you would have been instant finalists this year, totally crushed that. But alas, it was Sci-Fi or Si Fi in your guys case ;) The story itself was closer to Science-Fact, not Science-Fiction, best to research as much as you can about your genre before going straight into how you can make a dance for it, something to remember for next year!

I’m absolutly guilty of getting a genre and making the film i wanted to make anyway. So what im saying is you clearly side stepped your genre, this will probably hurt your chances of glory within the comp

With that out of the way I absolutely love this film, slick and stylish, expertly peformed. Just a real delight to watch.

I look foward to rewatching this. Brilliant work by all involved.

For real, do dance and musical every year. Just figure out a way to hit your genre a little more clearly.

A good movie making learning fun with a musical dance off about science, shame about the audio issues