Bike Mike

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Christchurch > 7

This film terrified me, but for some reason I still enjoyed it.


It's clear you had a lot of fun putting this together, and the fact that you had so much fun with it actually made the audience enjoy it a heap! Nice work.


Mike is dead but he's back to haunt his mates and they must fight him off.

A bit mixed in terms of technical quality this film was nevertheless a lot of fun on screen. Putting a dress and a bit of lippy on a dude doesn't really make a female character but he looked pretty comfortable. Highlight was the Ouija board action - funny stuff!

This film looked like it was a lot of fun to make. Which is always the #1 rule of 48 hours weekend.

I felt like you guys actually wrote some brilliantly clever gags throughout this story and I laughed a lot during it. Perhaps one of the funniest and awkwardest sex scenes I've seen at the CHCH heats before. With some high quality comedic writing, this film was only let down in the quality of production levels in the cinematography and sound. You can make a very non serious, self aware, funny film but it still has to be believable that it is in fact a movie and the story is really happening. The few moments of actors accidentally looking at the camera and the choice of shots, etc break this illusion too often.

Overall this film was a good laugh and with some technical improvements this team has some real potential for the future.

Looking at my notes and the other reviews i cant recall this film at all, I will doubble back and re review it once its online.

My notes say: Funny. The sex scene was great.