The Hunt

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Christchurch > 7

Mostly an enjoyable film. Probably could've done with about half the amount of dialogue, as some of the back and forth between characters seemed unnatural at times. Try to really focus on the story being told and make sure every line of dialogue has a purpose. Think about some of those lines and see how you could've replaced them with just a single shot or facial expression.


Two thugs on an initiation kidnap two young woman with the intent of bashing their heads in with a baseball bat. Can they survive?

Team Wannab were recipients of the "David Searle Spirit of the Competition Award" in 2016 and they used that free entry wisely to create a worthy film. I do agree that some of the dialogue was painful - "Where do we go? What do we do?" and some of the audio was a little mixed. I was also a little unsure of how one of the girls managed to best her attacker but I did enjoy a really violent, relentless swinging of the bat to ensure he wasn't The Kicker. The location was great and you used it well. A bit of a predictable ending...I might have ended with the bashing.

Cool take on the genre

With less dialogue this film would have been even more tense. The premise was simple enoguh so im not sure you needed the extra Dialogue,

ending was predictable but good.

2 hitmen kidnap 2 girls and plan on hunting them for fun, the girls manage to survive (genre) and get vengeance (theme) on the attackers, however whoever the hitchhike with at the end seems evil without explanation. The sound quality could be improved