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Musical or Dance
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A very interesting film. My top tip would be to add a bit of shake to the camera when filming inside the car, to better sell the idea that the car is moving. When the camera is perfectly still it just feels a little unnatural.


I really liked the idea of the taxi driver picking up a bunch of different people who all have a story to share through song, my suggestion for improvement would be similar to TheRealClose above, having the car seem like it's moving is pretty key to the story, perhaps having a light repeatedly go past the characters from outside could have helped this too?


Dave the taxi driver has three weeks to live. You never know, he just might pick up the right passenger.

Some really strong voices in this and a few good songs, especially the rap and the cool, soulful first song. If the story had been stronger and if there'd been greater variety in the shot choice then this could have been a very effective musical. Likewise, if it had been more about Dave rather than his passengers then we could have felt greater empathy for his plight. Good job with this genre though as you went for it and didn't wimp out.

Quite a sweet and beautiful idea. Great stab at the musical genre too.

Nice to see serious and dramatic work in 48hours

A down on his luck taxi driver who is kind at heart gets a second chance at life, passengers in the taxi lip sync to songs related to the story of the movie but don't really add to the story for the musical genre