Little Red

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Horror Comedy
Christchurch > 7

Really well shot with some nice comedy, and I think the 'female' element was used well to comedic effect. Unsure though if the end credits were intended to torture us with their extreme length, or if you guys just really like thanking people.


A blond "girl" sets out into the woods to Granny's house. Yeah, there's an axe-wielding wolf awaiting.

Nice tracking shots and some good humour that all leads to a twist in the tail. An effective, efficient effort.

An extremely silly, only-in-48HOURS premise here, with a guy-in-a-wig Little Red Riding Hood skipping through the forest to granny's place, and being accosted by a wolfish man. The cat-and-mouse (wolf-and-mouse?) in the forest was preposterous but somehow worked, and eventually Little Red made it to granny's place safely. The capper of the story with the wolf returning the pills was a bit confusing to be honest, but all good, even if it didn't make sense it at least gave the film a crisp beat to go out on.

Tonally, I felt they fulfilled the horror comedy genre well. The actor playing Little Red was amusing, although I noticed two or three female names in production roles in the credits, and couldn't help but wonder why none of them were in front of the screen (but then again, I also get that you don't want to be forcing anyone to get in front of the camera if they don't want to). And speaking of the credits, they were amazingly indulgent time-wise (this is coming from a member of a team that usually edit our films to within a second of the time limit, and hence typically have credits crammed into a mere couple of seconds), which was a bonus bit of horror comedy in itself I guess.

Well shot, well constructed and competantly put together.

Pity about the lead in drag, if im judging the film on its on merits i cant really look past a guy playing a female for no good reason. I guess this years requirement got you down?

Story was fun, i liked the ending.

Side note, yeah the credits, what on earth. Put everyones name up on screen at once. Credits for a short film should never run that long.

A cross dressing red riding hood is chased around and forest by the wolf, red set some traps then makes it to grandma's house but has lost her pills, the wolf drops them off not sure why wolf had a change of heart