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For the most part I really enjoyed this film. It's great to see how much story can be told without dialogue, even on a low budget.

Despite the obvious difficulties of shooting in low light, I found the visual storytelling very effective, however I believe there was a huge missed opportunity. Towards the end of the film, it felt like it was foreshadowing that the date would never arrive, having been in a traffic collision. The end of your film, however, simply left me confused.

Rather than having the date turn around for reasons that we have no indication of, I would have loved to see this film end on a bleaker note, as it felt like it was leading to.

I also don't recall hearing the Wilhelm scream during the film itself, which is unfortunate.

A simple concept, committed to fully, tends to be a great approach in this competition. Along these lines, this film employed the simple technical trick of presenting two characters in split screen, respectively preparing for the titular Date Night. The action was minor, but it was propelled along by some decent editing and an interesting soundtrack (the music was repetitive but in a good way, and I appreciated that it was slightly off from what a generic score in a story like this would usually sound like).

It felt inevitable that there would be a twist in the course of bringing the two stories together, and so oddly it was almost a relief to me when his car pulled up outside her house (i.e. exactly what we expected to have happen). Of course, then came the film's twist, such as it was, with him deciding not to go through with it (whatever 'it' as), and driving off instead. Unfortunately this moment felt a bit rushed, and I was left wishing that I had a better connection to the characters' circumstances, so that I could have a clearer roadmap for knowing how I should feel.

There were a couple of moments where it looked like the same shot was used twice in a row (e.g. the woman moving to look out the window), and I don't know if this was a creative choice or just a mistake in the edit. There was also a point towards the end where the woman had a brief fight with another person in the house - I was intrigued by this development, and the fact that it went away as quickly as it came was disappointing. All in all, despite a slight fumble on the ending, I thought this was a solid effort, and a nice way to begin the heat.


The converging story of two people reuniting/preparing to date.

An interesting start to this heat with the use of split screens to show the two leads preparing themselves. It also shows their hope, apprehension & other emotions that led to the climax of the film. It was a little hard to know their purpose although the woman's was perhaps a little clearer. Filmed in low light which achieved a rather yellow tint at times this was nevertheless a short that held the attention of the audience. Well done!

This film had a really nice concept and opening that seemed to be heading for a really interesting reveal/ conclusion that ended somewhat anticlamtic and confused.

All the way up to the ending there was some really nice non dialogue story telling and the cinematography was nice and the editing of the split screen was great. But the low light caused a lot of issues in the final image. Keep in mind most "dark/lowlight scenes" are still filmed with a HEAP of light in them. Often the scene looks way brighter than you think it should be and that allows the camera to capture the image with little "noise" and then through camera setting and colour correction in post you make that scene appear as if its actually very low light afterwards.

So a good effort and enjoyable film but missed the mark a little with its ending and with the lighting of the scenes.

A story which occurs in one evening (although technically a night movie good have gone further with the genre) and follows one male and one female character getting ready for a date there isn't a lot of taking and the theme of love chosen didn't seem fulfilled when the male character changed his mind at the last minute with no clear reason.