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Bad Seed
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A troubled girl is bullied after seeing her friend die.

Some good stuff here in places. Nice full school look that was cleverly sustained. Some effective shot choices especially at the end. There was some obvious ADR in one scene - very deep and rich. Then when the film shifted outside we got some very average audio - that would have been the time for ADR. Story-wise, it started well then sort of meandered along and lacked coherence.

Still, a nice looking film and the boast you made about winning this competition in a few years might just come true if you stick with it and polish your craft.

A well shot short film starting with a 13 reasons why vibe but turning into Making a murderer as students at a school mysteriously disappear and the lead is left painting a sea where one of the missing student bodies was found

Good lord the production value is in this film might be unprecidented for a school team in Christchurch!
Sure, you can easily get access to a school, but the fact that it looked full and operating, with legitimate crowds of students, is something more accomplished 'adult' teams probably couldn't pull off if they tried!
The cinematography is great too, and the acting from the douchebaggy 'lads' was authentic, and Millie in particular was very understated and effective.
The only thing I can really fault this film on is its story, which was a touch uninspired and dull- and that could be completely to blame on getting Bad Seed as a genre.
I fully expect Yo Banana Boy and Planet Fox Films to be two of the teams dominating the Christchurch city finals in 3-5 years time, two of the most promising school team I've seen in a while.