Together 4 Eva

Average: 2.2 (3 votes)
Horror Comedy
Christchurch > 6

The call is coming FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!!

Nice work guys, good tone, there was a shot that kept going from the kitchen to the living room, and i was sure that this was setting something up, like on the third time the guy would walk back to the living room and everyone would be gone.

This short probably could have been stronger with a few less actors, it kinda felt like everyone was onscreen because everyone want to be, not because the story required it. Fewer characters and more development and time per character.


Guys and a girl hang out. Someone keeps trying to upset/scare them but who is it?

A bit hard to hear at times especially with everyone talking at once at some points. The homage to "Lights Out" at one stage which was a nice touch.

Same house and cast as the last movie, looks like you lads have fun, did you win the pizza from the quick texts? anyway combine with the v from the fridge seemed to be over doing the sponsors, the movie did meet the genre, however i did prefer your last movie more, well some parts had good cinematography others could have been more inspired however virtute scientiam complete