Toilet Trouble

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Christchurch > 6

When taking a break from band practice, a teen gets locked in the bathroom.

Well acted by the lead even if the dialogue at times let her down - there was a lot of talking to herself explaining what she was doing/needing to do. Shots were pretty well-composed and something to work on in the future is buying a microphone!

A simple yet strong take on the genre. Well done.

All in all quite a good short film. The beauty of this film is the team didnt attempt to tell a story bigger than they could pull off, which is so often the problem with new and school teams.

By picking a simple idea and following it through with a well made film you put together something quite great.

The development in the third act had me laughing and wincing all at the same time,

Great Job by all involved, I look foward to seeing the future work of this team in the comp

Band practise ends with the lead stuck in a toilet and has to 'survive', a good take on genre and good film with a complete and easy to follow story that is well written and acted causing the audience to laugh with the thought of drinking toilet water. One thing to work on next year is attention to detail, the seat in the toilet probably used for the high shots can be seen in some of the reverse shots