Logan the Bogan

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At Night
Christchurch > 6

This movie was a great comedy and was acted really well. However I thought the at night aspect of it was undersold. Most of the scenes were inside so the at night aspect wasn't shown very much. However, I didn't think this brought the movie down as it was quite clearly well thought out and you can tell how much fun they had making it. All in all it was a great watch and really well done.


A mockumentary about Logan the Bogan.

Plenty of laughs and really well acted by the lead. Not a huge amount going on story wise but I enjoyed the really trippy ending, man.

A strong peformance goes a long way.

Logan the Bogan was one of the highpoints for this heat. Despite being a mocumentary in format it still stood out to me as more of a short film than a fake doco,

Well written/improvised. Nicely made, and it has a proper ending to boot!

Mockumentary following a want to be bogan heading to a party, called out for not being a bogan changes becoming a hippy, some witty writing and an overall good film, however to expand as film makers stay away from mockumentary and work on better sound quality