Twisted Envy

Average: 2.5 (4 votes)
Christchurch > 6

Great job with your concept and set design. Your music went very well with what you were trying to pull off. I was very impressed with your work and I look forward to seeing more from you guys


So, either a guy joins a group of girls at a party (which is on a stage) or he's joining their dance group. Then murders happen.

At one point a character asks "What's happening?". It's a good question because it's often hard to tell. The male lead gets plenty of screen-time whether he wanted it or not - his panic in the toilet was his best moment. Looks like you had plenty of fun and your end song was particularly creepy.

Some pretty funny moments... in this thriller.

Looks like everyone had fun.

Hard to follow, one camera shot very zoomed, starts with a person bring her brother, people start dying and yelling in dark