Flowers to Flowers

Average: 2.2 (3 votes)
Christchurch > 6

I found the characters interesting and quirky. I did find the story quite hard to follow however. The lighting kept changing in shots where it didn't seem like it should though. I thought this movie was a good effort.


A young man and woman's worlds collide as their developing relationship becomes fraught with danger.

A few interesting fight scenes in this and an attempt at a reasonably serious story. Dogged a bit by up & down audio and quite audible breathing from the camera op.

Starts in black & white 2 people walking and reading books, their worlds collide as they do and colour and sound comes in, they begin dating one is a secret agent who's past catches up with her and she is killed the boyfriend (and a random friend) then go seeking revenge Film was well shot however sound could be improved some shots had no sound if there was no dialogue however the silence was very jarring