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Christchurch > 6

They did a great job with the Z-Grade genre that is reasonably unheard of. The fact that they were 100% willing to make there movie seem terribly made to back up the genre shows in their delivery. The props used in the film e.g. the balloon, the knives and the remote control car make the film very funny and really enjoyable. All in all it was a great watch.

Absolutely Bananas and I loved it! One of my favorite Z Grades from all the heats.


Sorry, had no idea of what the plot of this film was. Was hard to see what was going on in some scenes and complete bonkers actions in others. Balloon was a nice touch. Good attempt at this genre but was probably too deliberately bad.

Z grade revenge movie on a broken phone - where actress walks off set and is replace by a balloon, funny gags boon hit actor in head, knife tied to balloon pulled by remote control car, good sound/sound effects & music, minor detail where I am not sure if breaking the 4th wall and having the director talk when the actress left was necessary