Deleted Scenes: Behind the Scenes

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At Night
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100% real, unscripted, not staged. Just a fly on the wall look behind the scenes. So yes. 100% not a short film. I was under strict instructions from the team not to let the BTS effect the main film. (This was the plan all along) Subscribe to Strang Entertainment for a full length documentary coming soon.

I was very excited when this film began, as I was expecting a mockumentary, or at least, a behind the scenes reel with a lot of humour. Unfortunately it felt like the whole film had no real purpose and you just couldn't come up with any ideas for it.


A Behind-the-Scenes look at Strang's 48HR 2017 experience.

It is what it is. We follow Rowan Strang from launch to completed edit of "Pandora's Night: Deleted Scenes". It was cool to see Strang's process over the weekend although I did have some suspicion knowing the work of this team that a bit of the actuality was staged - do you really have that many people around when you edit? Good fun, well-edited and more of a story than some films in this heat. I was also delighted to see my microphone holding hand getting a cameo which certainly gains you extra points.


Unless there was a subtle underlying plot throughout the whole film which I missed, I wouldn't consider this a short film. The genre was at night and there was a fair amount of footage shot in the day, suggesting that your plan with this was to not even try. This was more like something you'd upload on your YouTube channel post 48hours to share with people how you made your film, not something you'd bother entering into a competition. A huge opportunity missed to create a story about the difficulties of filming a short at night, perhaps after finishing your night shots of the alien in your first film you could have taken some time to shoot some scripted spoofs and problems. Quite disappointing to have to sit through the making of another film for no reason.

UPDATE: Now with the information that the plan was to always make a film like this, my comment would be that submitting a second film like this is not an appropriate way to be advertising your work.