White Christmas

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Christchurch > 5

An enjoyable film with good dialogue from Mr Claus. Can't imagine Christmas is an easy genre, so I applaud you for working with that and coming up with a great idea.


Santa is being held to task by police for his 22,000 incidents of breaking & entering and other crimes. He's a rather evil Santa actually who uses his inside knowledge to torment one of the detectives.

Quite a good idea here and the actor playing Santa did a good job switching from nice to nasty. The lighting was a bit suspect and the 180-degree rule took a battering at certain points. A solid film in a terrible genre.

Funny take on the Genre. Well lit, good peformace from Santa.

Santa interviewed by FBI for various humorous crimes but santa knows what you've done ... good concept to the movie it flashes back showing one of the agents backs stories well shot movie however I felt the flashbacks lacked something