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Christchurch > 5

I was very confused by this film. It felt a lot like it was a sequel and I was missing what had happened previously. The multi-location shooting was very impressive and the concept was really great. Unfortunately I just found it difficult to follow the narrative.


Via facetime/video messaging a group of girls are challenged by someone from their past.

A novel production idea here by using technology to bridge the gap between local and international locations. However, the story and dialogue was just not convincing enough to really pull us in. "What if and then?"; "What, who, when?" are not great examples of how people actually speak so it all fell a bit flat. Great to see distance not being a barrier in the 48 however, so smart idea!

An extra star for doing something new, the concept was cool and when I started to work out that it wasnt shot locally I was impressed.

I couldn’t follow any of the story though.

4 Charaters in 4 different locations talking via online chat interesting medium of story telling a taste of how 48 hours could be made the plot seems to follow a characters revenge or blackmailing others for committing a murder a last summer the storey felt unclear and unresolved