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Christchurch > 5

A good looking film. Where it fell flat for me was in the dialogue about going over the hill, where I felt it difficult to understand each character's point of view. Was mildly confused as to whether or not this was set in Christchurch, as I find it hard to believe anyone would get lost on the Summit Road, and there was mention of a highway. Then I was totally lost when the girl was suddenly at the top of the hill. Also unfortunate that a few cars and cyclists were in the background of some shots. Still, a worthwhile contender. Glad to see pizzafilm has kept a consistent aesthetic.


A couple drive to the summit of a hill only to find themselves the victim of a car-jacking and facing a long walk back to civilization.

Starts strong with impressive visuals and action but then lurches into a monotonous walk down the road, coupled with annoying conversation. The whole walk down the sealed road vs go over the hill top was quite bizarre given they were walking down the exact same road they drove up so were hardly lost. If they needed help they could have also asked the other users of the road who were clearly visible in one shot. So, as the stakes were not high for the characters we cared not a jot about their ability to survive. The most interesting character drove off in the Beamer.

An opportunity lost.

Very Pretty looking but kinda empty.

Some goofs in frame too, cars and things driving arround in the background. A cyclest biking past, (couldnt they yell for help if there are other people nearby?)

Interesting take on survival - car tampered with, mugged and car stolen ( why didn't they just steal in first place) characters have to journey back to civilisation leading to arguments well shot movie