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The beginning of the film was a bit jarring, as people who hadn't seen the first film wouldn't have understood the jokes, but as soon as the sequel begins, it's flippin fantastic. Absolutely loved the Trade Me jokes and the door knocking quick shots. Felt like a bit of an anti climax at the end though. Still, very sad to hear you guys didn't make the cut.



Our two lads take their newly acquired wheelchair for a spin only to learn that its previous owner has died...and that he has a sister bent on revenge.

A sequel from last year's CHCH runner-up, National finalist & winner of National Best Director, that was disqualified for being late. Difficult to judge this short as it was handed in nearly a week after the competition ended so how different it is from the Sunday night version only the team can tell. Anyway, it starts immediately after the events of the first film and seems to be heading in the same clever direction. However, where "A Disabled Account" was actually plausible the situation created in the sequel is ridiculous and silly, Story fatigue is written all over this film. It is nicely shot and edited of course and the consistency in terms of look is great. This doesn't save this sequel however and if it was made outside of this competition you would be asking "Why did they do that?".


Best Disqualified Film. Period. Love your work team <3

Truly Tragic, out of all the Sequels I saw during the heats, I’m pretty sure Pigs Guts made the best one.

That said, like all the Ultra films, its a sequel to a film that didnt need a sequel, which is unfortunate, and at the same time its clear to see why the disabled account would be their pick for a sequel, picking up right where the previous film left of is really strong, and gave me that OMG its a legit sequel vibe.

Sorta like that new star wars moment when im like, it looks fimilar but its all new, and my brain cant work it out but i get super excited.

Using a shot that didnt make the cut of the original film is so cool too.

Plenty of great jokes here, and all up its a tightly made film well shot and as always edited to perfection. Its a crying shame Pigs Guts didnt get it in on time.

Pretty sure the path to redemption is clear, Disabled Account 3 in 2018.

a good sequel still managing to be an entertaining short film set days after last film good job with costume and actors looking like it hadn't been almost a year

Let down only by its slightly less grounded storyline than the original (and I guess the fact it wasn't handed in on time), DISABLED ACCOUNT 2 is characteristically the best 'straight sequel' ultra I've seen this year.
Joe and Ben are the funniest they've ever been, and their banter is just as good as the original, specifically the scene of Joe spluttering up blood and complaining about the Hospital bill (with the added punchline of the smash cut to Joe simply holding frozen sausauges to his face)- award worthy comedic performances- if only it wasn't disqualified :(
My favourite aspect of this sequel is that it still revolves around TradeMe in a way that felt really organic to the story. It would have been a shame to see what is essentially the story's main theme be ditched in the follow up.

Great job guys. Keep it up. Proud of you.