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Horror Comedy
Christchurch > 5

I enjoyed this film for the most part, however was a bit confused at one point when the colour on the lead's face changed and I thought we were in a flashback, but then we weren't. Then the colour stayed for the rest of the film. But other than that an interesting story and some funny dialogue from the Mum.


Spooky stuff happens when a woman moves into a house.

There were some good effects and humour in this, with the lead playing her role superbly. The actual premise was kind of cliche but you would expect that from horror-comedy I suppose. For the most part the film looked good but did appear stretched at certain points - maybe just my eyes!

Solid, enjoyable & did it's job.

The Ghost Mother! A great take on the genre that I’m not sure the overall film quite lives up to. (Only because the concept is so strong)

Some really funny gags though. Just would have been good to see more done with this.

Very cool ideas here, an overbearing mother haunting her daughter is a fantastic concept and a great interpretation of the Horror Comedy genre.

My only gripe would be it felt kind of jarring to go straight from comedy to emotional drama without any kind of lead in.