Bath Bomb

by Olax

Average: 2.6 (5 votes)
Musical or Dance
Christchurch > 5

A very enjoyable film. Very good looking cat shots and well edited. My main concern is that it didn't really feel like a musical or dance film.


To the sound of operatic wailings, an evil cat seizes an opportunity to show its owner that it shouldn't be neglected.

Olax are cool. They've done some nice looking crazy shit over the years and "Bath Bomb" isn't too different. It's a curious mix though as the tension is created through a lot of lengthy, meandering shots that I'd argue go on to the point where they're more frustrating rather than effective. The cat is pretty awesome though and really despicable looking, so capturing that was quite remarkable. A musical? Well, it has music but I'd struggle to say this hits the genre. The climax is also foreshadowed so early in the film that we all waited for the inevitable to occur.


A solid idea that I feel would have been a lot more successful if the genre wasn't musical/dance. I was anticipating throughout the short that the actor and cat would start dancing together at some point (before the foreshadowed death) as a way of compensating for the difficult genre. Besides this issue with the genre, it was well shot and the use of the cat was really well done.

Musical or Dance?

Genre aside this was good, funny use of the cat, good peformance and well shot/edited.

Vengeance theme done comically and uniquely with a very patient 'actor' however it did not meet my definition of a musical/dance movie (classical music plays in background) however if this element is ignored it was an entertaining short film