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1. Balls and Chains
by Reel Trouble
6. Happy Birthday
by Blackhawk
2. Under The Bridge
by Cool Story Bro Film
7. Santa's Smoko
by Brothers In Crime
3. Snow Country for Cold Elves
by Permanently Confused
8. The Night Shift
by 3dim
4. Pizza money
by Jovial Entertainment
9. Some Body at the Lake
by The Creamery
5. Morgan Foster Presents: Mindcreep Cinema
by Chess Club
10. Time Terminal
by Chillybox

Bay of Plenty

1. Plastic Hearts
by Take Note Of Your Nearest Exit
2. Pick Up
by Candy Floss Clouds Productions
7. Spotlight
by Te Puke High School
3. Bonnie
by The Mugshots
by Te Puke High School 2
4. Mad Maxie
by Locke Lively
9. Budget Cuts
by Ace Productions
5. Fateful Romance
by Slate Film Productions
by Team Full Jack


1. Split Sibling Decision
by Free Chicken
6. Falling For You
by No Budget Ninjas
2. Not Again
by Les Cousins Dangereux
7. You Ready For Space?
by PlanetFoxFilms
3. Blue
by Blood and Bone
8. Pandora's Night: Deleted Scenes
by Strang Entertainment
4. A Slime of Passion
9. Grisly
by Dragon V Mouse
5. Avoca-don't
by Cruel World Production
10. Headline Hunters 2: Family First
by Dystography Studios


1. Murder She Rapped
by The Happy Little Peas
6. Druggies and Dragons
by roblox roids
2. The Black Ballet
by Super Furious Ninja Dragon
7. Con. Form 2F-8
by Arrested Developers
3. (Nec)romancing the phone
by Bus of the Undead
8. Grifters
by Go Go All The Time
4. Femme Revenge on Planet Moon!
by Fantastic Chicken Wrap
by Hot Chilli
5. Glasnost 2: Blood Moon
by Toowit Toowoo
10. Storm Drain
by Multiplayer Studios


1. Ren and Zinger: Best Friends Forever
by Cowps Productions
6. A Desire to Kill
by Kratos
2. Area 4130
by Squad
7. The Journey
by Times Up
3. The Not So Expendables
8. The Councillor
4. Rock The Night
by Team Indeed
9. Le Heist en Cajun
by Handsome Knights
5. Jaron Avner's Revenger's Disemble
by Shot Lads
10. Merry Christmas Boys
by the muppets


1. Spree
by Low on the Spectrum
6. Don't Cry Over Spilt Slushies
by Midweek Clique
2. Inhibited
by LilDog
7. Melvin's Missing Flame
by Stampede Tiddlywinks
3. Terms of Engagement
by Camera Child
8. The Hummus Effect
by Odd
4. Dude, that's your sister!
by DF-10
9. A Party to Die For
by TAC 5 and a half white men
5. Killer Nazi Zombies from Outer Space
by TAC Studios
10. BFF Best Friends Fallout
by Haphazard Productions


1. The Princess and The Neighbour
by Hi Stranger
6. Quick and Dirty
by The Tanked Engines
2. Charlie Echo Alfa
by Currie Street Creatives
7. ET-Eaten
by Through the lens films
3. ESP
by Pastafarian Productions
8. Simon Says
by McTroublemakers
4. Prodigal Daughter
by Playhaus Productions
9. Survive Together
by 70 Media
5. Wish Granted
by Musecrew
10. The Girl
by Dub T


1. Bloody Mary
by Squid Squad Productions
6. House On The Hill
by N2 Productions
by Okay Company
7. Jack & Joni
by Moffilaide
3. The Perfect Gift
by Dog and Wolf
8. The Super Galactic Spacecadets
by City of Fish
4. Losing Lucy
by The Shutter Rollers
9. The Way Of The Cube
by Naenae Amplify
5. transformation
by Disqualified Tim
10. Game On
by Freyberg High FilmMonkeys