Jangle Jingles

Average: 2.9 (3 votes)
Musical or Dance
Christchurch > 4

A mockumentary of sorts about a group of creatives who produce jingles for advertisements.

Nice compositions for the interviews. The agent was excellent. The jingle aspect didn't have as much impact as full blown songs do, so the short fell a little flat for me. A different crack at the musical genre so well done!

Fun take on the genre, i found lots to like in this film, the random way that the additional Jingles were added in was good. And you still managed to put a whole story into the film too. Strong stuff.

A funny mockumentary with piss take songs about smoking, water and other things. the film started strong introducing the characters and their previous jingles the film could have continued but strangely chose to focus on writing jingles about faces, it seemed like the focus of the story could have been on something better given the previous set ups maybe the team had brought a lot of masks before the weekend and wanted to use them possibly when there were getting the vaping equipment. Overall still an enjoyable film