The Luncheoning

Average: 3.1 (6 votes)
Horror Comedy
Christchurch > 3

Very relatable main character motivations
Fantastic in-fridge shots, although that sequence was a little long for my taste.
Loved the crab walk


When a woman's lunch is stolen over & over again from the staff fridge she goes all Linda Blair in the quest for revenge.

This was pretty well-executed. Good set-up, dynamic action & a pretty good pay-off. The fridge bit was cool at first but got tiresome - we got it. Spider-walk was awesome and the lead nailed every manic scene she was in. Started strong, fizzed out a bit by the end but a good example of a simple approach done with effect. And the audience loved it.

With nods to various exorcist movies, the main character develops demonic powers after being sick of having her lunch stolen regularly. Was pleased to see the arched-back payoff on the dolly-wheels. and particularly liked the neck crunches! At the end- I am not quite sure why she didn't do that in the first place! The exorcism scene with the scary priest guys were really well filmed- lived the sparks!


Great way to finish off the night!!
Nice simple concept that was executed rather well.
The camera work was exceptional for the most part. Well done for the sfx!
The sound was also very convincing.
Very good watch, guys!

Good film concept, well acted, it all comes together quite nicely,

My only note is the edit could have been a little tighter, a shorter cut of this film would strengthen it overall.

A great Horror Comedy focusing on stolen lunch from the office good acting and effects, though the fridge shots were an importing part of the story i thought the edit on that part could have been a bit tighter, but overall a great film