Clock - the second hand

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Christchurch > 3

The dark man was an interesting evil villain.
Enjoyed the dance scene at the end. Wonderful dedication to using the full 5 minutes!


When a woman gets away with murdering her husband she develops greater guilt and anxiety around the consequences of parking in a disabled spot.

Lots of voice-over drives this original, quirky short that had some nice acting moments. I was pleasantly surprised to see Claire Broughton nailing her role as a frustrated teen! A well-rounded story that kind of falls short at the end. Nice dancing at the end even if I didn't get the relevance.

Great re-cap of the first one- I have to admit I did watch the original and got a bit confused but the recap helped to explain it. (I am one of those viewers that needs things spelled out to me a bit). I found it much easier to follow than the original. Great to see original cast! That dance at the end was mesmerising.


Good watch, with great visuals.
Nice acting which provided a nice voice over which was very entertaining and was able to move the story forward.
Story felt a bit much to fit within 5 minutes however.
Over all a good film though and will look forward to seeing your next outing, next year!!