Spiritual Redemption

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Christchurch > 3

Surprisingly emotive short film, which is difficult to do considering the rest of the heat.
The ending was abrupt, it felt like the first half of a Scrooged style redemption movie.
The fight scene might have been more effective with emotive dialogue instead of just swearing.
Good camera work, and some of the over the shoulder shots were very nicely composed.


When an abusive & soon to divorced husband suffers a heart attack his experience in the spiritual world offers him a look at redemption.

Thought-provoking and generally well-executed short that I only have one main quibble with - the actors playing the leads appeared to be too young for the roles they were playing. Good job here thought at playing at a serious subject matter and that it's never too late to see the error of your ways.

Unfortunately the lighting setup let the film down (Couldn't see the actor's face properly for a while near the beginning- perhaps it was intentional? but with a bit more practise with the lighting it could have been much better! It seemed a bit unusual how the main character simply forgot what he had done in his life after the film showed us- maybe he simply had no conscience and didn't realise what he did was wrong at the time? Overall I enjoyed it.

A strong idea trading in sadness and darkness. Toneally quite good.

That said, actors acting out of their age range really dosent work for me. It’s tempting but just dont do it. It does you no favors.

A couple going through a divorce leads to the lead having a heart attack and flash backs of mistakes in life. good cinematography, edited and sound