Night Guards: A Rising Tide Chronicle

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At Night
Christchurch > 3

Wonderful premise, fantastic subtitle fx.
Ending was a little disjointed. Why did the night guard get left at the beach by his buddy? How did he get shot?


You guys are hilarious!!
Everything you want in a 48 hour film. Great sense of humor. Loved the subtitles. Great over the top performances.
The story was a little weak but the humor out-weighed this flaw.
Well done guys!


A couple of beach Night-Guards agree to train up a young woman they save.

A stock-standard JAGBOG effort with all their usual tricks and self-referencing. I had to remind myself that this wasn't an ULTRA entry! Played for laughs and the audience lapped it up. Certainly a slick effort, especially given the night filming aspect and impressive well-timed use of titles. I remember little else though and it ends rather weakly. Love ya work though JAGBOG and you doing it the way you want to.

Probably the best At Night movie,

Brilliantly funny. Even if it is trading on the standard silly comedy that 48hours seems to bring out in a lot of teams. But that sounds harsher than i mean it to,

The comedy here is really good, the use of onscreen text is consitantly laugh out loud funny. The eyes effect is great too,

The whole style is that of a weekend crew having fun making a film, and you can feel that beaming off the screen.

Strong chemestry between the two male leads,

I expect to see this in the city finals.

Thoroughly enjoyed this film!
Loved the acting and the edit. The 80s graphics were an awesome touch.
Ending was a little odd, but I can say the same for our film too ;)

Well done guys.

Definitely one of my favourites of the night, great effects and some really hilarious moments.

I remember one of their previous films, I love how they've kept that theme going and stuck with it.

I think this one could go pretty far. Good stuff

This film has an interesting approach on the night movie genre with a comedy about surf life savers at night with funny dialogue and a training montage, the film was well shot given the limitations of light imposed by the night movie a good film