Bandit Banter

Average: 2.5 (5 votes)
Christchurch > 3

Liked the bandit makeup + costumes.
Not sure what happened at the end, it looked like the lady bandit was going to kill the main two, then they were shown alive in the final shot?
Hardcore dubbing lent the film a foreign flavour, overall feel was reminiscent of a Kurosawa samurai flick.


A group of survivalist bandits sit in wait ready to ambush anyone who strolls by.

Nice location for filming and a good chat had by all but as such, nothing much happens. Some interesting characters with effective make-up choices but the stakes weren't that high so my level of engagement was diminished.

Nicely shot piece, unfortunately the audio as out of sync and you could hear what was about to happen before you saw it. Again, not quite sure what happened in the end, are they dead and in some kind of purgatory? (Hence a character mentioning something along the lines of not needing to go to the toilet anymore? Cool baseball bat with spikes.


Very good cinematography with very well executed colours. Loved the costume and character arcs built as well.
The out of time audio and mumbled ending prevented this film from unlocking it's true potential however.
Love to see what you guys rock out next year!!

I’m not sure i can accurately review this film, the sync issues really got in the way of just following what happens, but what happens seems to be pretty limited.

Good location, costumes and make up though.