Twins Separated at Birth Kidnapped by Mad Scientist on a Volcano- The Reunion (Working Title) 2.2c The Sequel of the continuing story which concludes with this film, which is the sequel to the original. HD extended Edition. Director’s Cut. Uncut, unedit

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Christchurch > 3

Best entry hand in at the finish line for the year easily.
I would have liked to see the character relationships developed more.
Nice to see substantial time dedicated to the final fight scene. Letting the action breathe and advance at its own pace.
Fx for light sabers was excellent and I liked the flying fox scene.


What a great way to kick off a heat!
You guys knew what type of film you were making. It allowed for some very outrageous, hilarious moments.
More work on the audio wouldn't hurt though.

What a great start to the heat! Couldn't hear much of the dilalogue properly at the start (Was this intentional?) but I loved the mayhem and cheesyness. I had no idea what was going on, but enjoyed the locations and light-sabre action, even if the characters seemed non-committal at times. Stationary shopping trolley lightsabre duel!



I was unable to view the original film this sequel follows but the characters in this are very familiar. So much going on: a gorilla, a green haired dude, a lightsaber battle in shopping trolleys to name a few. I've got little idea of the actual story but it's based around a hostage situation.

Crazy shit.

Im gonna copy and paste my notes in for a review:

Whaaaat the fuck?

Technical difficulty gag funny

+2 for Lightsabers

Weird as all hell

Funny, made me laugh several times.