Headline Hunters 2: Family First

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After seeing a film, I usually ask myself one question. Did this film achieve that which it had set out to achieve?

“Headline Hunters 2: Family First” was made for the Z-grade genre (if the name didn’t already give that away). In other words, “Headline Hunters” sets out to mimic the cinematic equivalents of people that enjoy the smell of their own flatulence.

As far as Z-grade films go, they don’t get much better (or more absurd?) than this. Whether it was a ghost wielding some Excalibur-esque sword or a kimono-clad gentleman disappearing into a puff of smoke, “Headline Hunters” had so many of those precious, cringe-worthy or random moments that are so unfortunately familiar to viewers of Z-grade films.

Was “Headline Hunters” a good representation of everything that is wrong with Z-grade films? The only answer that I can give to that question is “checkmate”.

Also, I can’t help but feel as if the cast and crew had a good deal of fun in making this film. We saw a bunch of young people getting together, producing something that was outrageously funny and they looked as if they were having a blast while doing it. That was a real treat to see.



A sequel to 2013s musical "Headline Hunters" (Orange Cone Productions), this short continues the story of the two serial killers. When the family member of one of them is threatened, it causes a fresh rift.

Dystography have established themselves as very slick film-makers over the last couple of years and they've again produced a polished film that has allowed them to push their creativity. It was a definite crowd pleaser but creates a bit of dilemma about this genre in my mind. Yup, it ticks the Z-grade in terms of checking off many of the elements that typify how that genre is defined/attributed. It lacks a coherent story, random things happen for no reason and the syncing was intentionally bad. So yeah, Z-grade in terms of making a Z-grade. HH2:FF is the closet example I've seen so far this year but the problem I feel is that Z-grade film-makers didn't deliberately set out to make trash - that occurred organically, they took the production seriously & it's just that they were largely inept. Dystography's film is just too good in it's execution to be Z-grade.

Will make the finals.

Dystography Studios + Z Grade Film = A Match Made in Heaven

Brilliantly funny, they absolutely nailed their genre and in getting Z Grade i feel they werent too ham stung by the dastardly beast that was Ultra.

City Finalist for sure. I know im looking foward to rewatching

A reasonable sequel at the start, with some good action sequences and intercut chess moves, turns strange at the end

I was looking forward to finally seeing this film. After Dystography's numerous hard-hitting dramas I was interested to see how they'd handle returning to their comedy roots.
Probably the most succesful Z-Grade I've seen that has managed to still clearly be a well made film that was intentionally 'bad'. It's a tough line to find, but Dystography found it!
I loved all the weeaboo-esque influences here, what's great about the film is that all the creative decisions actually develop and idea of the imaginary Tommy Wiseau director behind the film.
I really loved this effort team, and dare I say I hope you guys get to tackle Z-Grade again in the future.