Pillow Talk

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Christchurch > 2
Zac Neill

A do have a soft spot for film where the big reveal is that it's a porno, here is no different.
I imagine that you guys had a blast filming it and it was an enjoyable watch for us in the audience!


At a sleep over, three girls and a guy play "Never have I ever". When things get nasty, things get pillow fighty.

I liked the idea of this and with improved camera work the tension could have really ramped up. Loved the very short scene of Jeffery in the fetal position. Finishes all very rapidly but reading Zac's review above I feel I might have missed something - how did I miss that?!!?

Strong Set up, Nice subversion of the Genre,

Weeeeeird ending, but strong film all over.

A bitchy game of never have I ever turns into a action packed pillow fight, with some witty and crude writing the highlight, the overall storey lacked a purpose and ending