Fuzz Chums

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Christchurch > 2
Zac Neill

A fun story - audio issues let you down a little, especially that telephone scene where the audio levelling was very loud.
Looks like you guys had a blast making it and the audience really enjoyed watching it!


A disgruntled police chief suspends his top detectives for their over-the-top methods of solving crime. Suspension is just a holiday however.

Funny, some cool looking shots (the bonnet interrogation for one) and the nod to every theme in the 48 was well written and delivered. Audio blasted at certain points and some scenes lingered for a bit too long - the shake down for me. Heaps of fun on screen though and loved the voice work of one of the DIs.

You had fun making it and i had a lot of fun watching it,

The ADR was a particular highlight, i also have in my notes that everyone was doing a Batman Voice,

The listing off of all the themes at the end was also really fun, over all this didnt strike me as a serious effort but it broke up the heats quite nicely.

The joke with the drink being poured intop the glass was well done. The lets get back to the office joke was also really well played.

two cops that don't play by the rules suspended after epic action sequence, strive for redemption by solving the big case some witty (writing computer in back of car and listing all of themes), however the ADR sound with levels all over the place made it difficult to tell who was talking