Seen The Close

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Christchurch > 2
Zac Neill

Clever idea! But quite a lot of story and narrative for the 5 minutes you guys had, some of the good ideas got lost in it all.

Looking forward to see what you guys come up with next year!


A young woman has premonitions about the grisly deaths of others.

A bit grainy in places. A bit hissy in others. A bit hard to hear the dialogue at times. And it all finishes rather abruptly. That said, I really liked the ambitious nature of this short and with better execution this could have played out really strongly. Premonitions are some scary, freaky shit so this was a short that left me thinking.

I’m really sorry but i wasnt able to follow this film beyond the inital premise, the tone was good so the genre was well used, but i got confused very quickly, some patchy audio didnt help with this.

But i have to respect the attempt at such a dark and serious film.

Female character foresees peoples death some sound issues like "action" at the start of a shot