Duty of Care - Coming Home

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Christchurch > 2

I didn't feel like it was the most inspired film. A lot of yelling and not a lot of establishing what was actually going on; I felt it was a bit violent and disconnected from itself. Some clever twists that got a good laugh out of the audience though!

Zac Neill

Strong commitment to the role from the leads, you guys knew the tone you were looking for and it was evident that you were striving to create an emotionally charged short.
The one critique I have is the lighting; the room lighting seemed to take away from this dark and mysterious tale.

A refreshing short from a heat filled with lighter topics.



Morgan has returned from her time in prison/care and is looking for her daughter.

The strength of "Duty of Care" was its grim tone, confined location and chemistry between the two central characters. This sequel lacks most of that and is a curious mix between serious and comedic as we're regularly pulled out of the tension to see something lighthearted. The most obvious of these is the homage to 48HR required line song which serves little purpose. The Wilhelm Scream also doesn't help.

Cool to return to this world and those characters but it quite simply lacked the uneasiness of the first film.

I feel most sorry for the Ultra teams that got Thriller, Without ultra these great teams would be free to just go make a great film, but instead they had to find a way to connect it and spin it off from a previous year.

With that said, Cat House Films made a pretty good job out of an unfortunate situation, this thriller is prettty tense and acted well, the story wraps up nicely. I only had a passing memory of the film this was a sequel too but that was enough for me to follow how this one was set up.

I noticed a few focus issues that draged down an otherwise good looking film.