The Infection

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Christchurch > 1

A trio of boys take a quite innocent trip to the river only to come face-to-face with a hostile alien presence.

There were some definite impressive noises in the crowd when this short started in space - people were intrigued! Playing out an unseen alien, body-snatching its victims was a smart play and you used your locations well. The acting got a few laughs and you worked the scream in really well. Something to think about next year is your audio as you had some wild variations that made as lot of the dialogue really hard to hear. Congratulations on completing your first 48HRS and being the first team at the hand-in!

Alien Infection Story 3 boys head down to river some good shots but the audio was weak in the wide shots a literal take on the genre and theme

Decent premise, two friends collect the third friend and they go off to look for a crashed alien ship.

Subtle use of the sound effect which was good, better use than most teams in this heat.

For next year, its ok if you audio comes from the camera but you have to consider that while shooting, this means keep the camera close to the actors, no long shots for you!!!