Best Day Ever

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Christchurch > 1

When the power goes out, a young girl wonders how she will cope without all her devices.

As usual with Kitty Aye Aye Films they've produced a very cute film that wraps things up with a very solid message. The voice-over narration does work but I do wonder if some of the sequences could have been left to show us what was happening rather than tell us.

12 year olds ipad runs out of battery during power cut rediscovers other toys scooter, barbies etc good message that children should spend less time on devices well shot and edited. I look forward to next years film

I get it. I wouldnt be able to live without my ipad. (But i also like playing with my star wars toys)

As usual a cute and fun film from a christchurch regular.

Hate to say it but I really liked the films from previous years more. I look fowaed to a new entry next year. Still this was a totally competant well made film. Clear, to the point and simple.