Kill The Wolf

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Fairytale / Fantasy
Christchurch > 1

Red, wants some revenge on the Wolf that killed her granny. She gonna kick some ass!

Essentially this is one long battle scene. A cool battle scene but the story doesn't do too much else. I felt as if someone had watched "Kill Bill" recently as this gave off some similar vibes. I would have loved to have seen a flashback to the wolf killing granny or the like to break up some of the action and give things a bit of depth. Some cool blood and props elevated this short.

Little red riding hood revenge on 'wolf' who killed her grandma - good action in sword fight / editing/sound effects good strong female character one of my favourite of the heat

I enjoyed this. It was a fun take on the genre. The QT style attempted was fun too. Unfortunately im not sure you managed to totally pull off your action sequence. Although at several times i was truly worried for the safty of the actors so perhaps you can call it a successfuly tense action sequence