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A group of "girl-friends" talk about all those things that boys think they talk about...and naturally fall out of friendship.

Dolphin have been around for at least three 48HRs and talking to them before hand they described this year as "a whole horror story". They got the film in with 10mins to spare. Fair to say that it shows somewhat with 'OMG'. The boys put on wigs, form boobs and play girls. This set-up was fun for a little bit but since the story really went nowhere it all got a little tiresome. I admire your moxy in playing girls but you did only need ONE female character! I thought you used the Wilhelm scream well. Something to work on: Sound, sound, sound.

Hate to say it but this film did nothing for me.

Apologising during the credits leads me to believe that the team already knows everything i could say about this film.