Seedy Behaviour

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Bad Seed
Christchurch > 1

Whilst eating unpopped corn(?) a young lad eats a bad one and transforms into a Charlie Chaplinesque character. Cue slapstick comedy!

An interesting take on this genre and some genuinely good slapstick moments. The "Crazy Lady" was the highlight, stealing every scene she was in. I liked that you completed the story arc so there's plenty to look forward to in the future with this team. Something to work on: Getting a good balance with your music levels.

Original take on bad seed movie, good twist ending, silent film style a good short film

The literal bad seed. Good cast with comitted performances. Its also good to see a story that finishes confidently. As in you had a clear ending for your story

As mentioned elsewhere, for future films look out for your audio levels.

Great work from this team. See you again next year.