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The lack of a team intro and title card really threw me for a loop here, was a wee ways into the film before I realised that this is what we were getting. Hard film to review, maybe I just couldn't follow your style of storytelling, or maybe there was nothing really to comprehend, the film feeling a bit like a fever dream that you aren't really meant to try make too much sense of.

What a nightmare.

I've seen a lot of 48hour films which feel like I'm watching a fever dream, but this one made me have to actually check I was awake.

Not sure what you guys were going for, especially with the narration (?) being the same volume over the dialogue.

It seemed like this fresh hell would never end as well, as we moved from what I managed to gather was a Dentist's office to a forest.

I guess well done for eliciting genuine emotion out of me. Hope you guys had fun!