Park Love

Average: 3.6 (3 votes)
Auckland > 9

Some great stuff in this film, good use of sound effects.
Only need to mention two things:
1) The boom falling into frame, this worked so well because I'd forgotten it was Z-grade by that point, great way to be reminded haha
2) Epic fight scene at the end. Was as fun to watch as I'm sure it was making it.

Buckets of charm coming from this film, hard not to smile while you watch.

Genuine, hilarious, super fun.

This is my favourite kind of 48hour film, where the lack of technical prowess really doesn't matter as the film still shines as its own weird thing regardless.

This was by far my favourite film in heat 9. And I was in heat 9.

I wasn't sure how to take the film at first. It was definitely Z Grade, but was that on purpose? Then the boom dropped. And it was hilarious and fun the whole way through.

Looked like alot of fun to make, and was lots of fun to watch. Great work Issa Film, it definitely is a film.